Gearing Up with Thanksgiving Home Decor at The Blue Building!

I am soooo excited!  It’s the day after Halloween and I have some Thanksgiving home decor up in the store, The Blue Building!

Thanksgiving home décor entryway to The Blue Building Antiques and Consignment in Alabaster, AL. Love these lanterns!

With a retail store to keep up with, 8,000 square feet of antiques and consignment heaven, it is difficult for this one woman show to keep up with the holidays.  Usually I am setting up festive displays well into the season and long after other retail stores have their decor set.  I will admit that part of my hesitancy is well engrained from my childhood days in Pennsylvania.  My mom loved her holiday decorations.  But, it was considered blasphemous to set any seasonal decor out before the previous holiday had passed.  We NEVER put a Christmas item out until AFTER Thanksgiving Day!  I still cringe when I drive through my neighborhood on November 1st and see Christmas lights!  Y’all that is just wrong!  And I know folks think I am nuts as a shop owner (well, besides the other reasons) who is one of the last to pull out the holiday decor.  Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday!  Embrace it!  Decorate!  Wait on the Christmas!  Rant over.

I love me some post holiday mark downs!  Yes, y’all know I am not alone!  On Halloween Eve, I stopped at Home Depot to scope out the potential great buys for the after-Halloween sale.  I found these great lanterns reduced by 50%!!!  What???

Thanksgiving home décor lanterns from Home Depot clearance decorating at The Blue Building Antiques and Consignment.

These may be fall decor but they can be used for Thanksgiving home decor!  And afterwards, the fall foliage can be removed and replaces with Christmas greenery.  And as another bonus, wouldn’t these be great on the deck or by the pool???

I also found this sweet stuffed cornucopia at a great price!  It was like $6!  Couldn’t walk away and leave it there!

Thanksgiving home décor cornucopia at The Blue Building Antiques and Consignment.

Because my super sale sniffing powers were in full force, I headed to Lowe’s but they were pretty much wiped out already.  I did grab this cute little set of mini gourds for $5.  I also found the Give Thanks banner at Lowe’s for $9.99.  Happy dance!

Thanksgiving home décor at The Blue Building. Colorful gourds make a statement.

I found this cute little stool a while back and have been wanting to recover the seat.  These colors seemed perfect for my vignette.  I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby.

Thanksgiving home décor at The Blue Building. Great fabric brings a footstool back to life!

While I do love all of the Thanksgiving home decor, I might be most impressed by the beautiful cast metal eagle that arrive this week at The Blue Building.


 With a wing span of 48 inches, he is simply magnificent!  I love him especially because of the eagle’s symbol of our wonderful nation and this significance to Pop and other veterans.  However, I do live in Alabama so War Eagle!!!

Speaking of Alabama, how great is this pallet wood state of Alabama?  We have several…great gifts.


And lastly, since we are an antique store, this old lithograph of Italy seemed perfect over top of the dresser/console/buffet that I painted!  I love the beachy washed wood look on both of these pieces.



So what started out for me as a quick Thanksgiving home decor display actually turned into a genuine thanks-giving representation:

Besides Thanksgiving Home Decor, I am thankful for:

  • I am thankful for this sweet little crazy business that helps keep our family afloat during these crazy times!  I am especially thankful for the wonderful strangers that have become friends through this business, online and in person!
  • I am thankful for my talents and gifts that the Good Lord has lent me…the ability to take old beat up items and restore them for folks to enjoy!  The opportunity to help folks find new homes for their beloved treasures, some of which have been collected over a lifetime, is very satisfying.  Our estate and consignment services honestly bring comfort to the seller and the buyer!  Win!  Win!
  • I am thankful for my home, community, and wonderfully blessed family here in this beautiful state of Alabama that we now call our home.  I still chuckle at the childhood memory of uncles and cousins singing “Oh Suzanna” to me at family functions.  Fate, I guess.
  •  I am thankful for my country and the selfless service of our veterans, both active and retired, who ensure that my children can enjoy the freedoms that other countries can only dream about.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!  Enjoy your blessings!

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Amaze Me Monday



Spray It Pretty! Paint Fabric-a sofa!

This month’s Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest Spray It Pretty is being sponsored by Homeright!  Homeright is the first company to nail the fine finish sprayer in a portable and affordable manner.  This little baby is incredible.  Each participant received a Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer compliments of Homeright.  I’m a lucky contestant, because Homeright graced me with a sprayer several months ago so I’ve been enjoying my new toy for some time now!

The Blue Building Antiques spray paint fabric sofa for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest

So far I have sprayed dressers, chests, bookshelves, picture frames, lamps, signs, chairs…it would probably save time if I listed items that I haven’t sprayed with my Finish Max!  This product saves sooooo much time on pieces with great detail like chairs, and wicker, and porch swings.  I decided to use my sprayer on something totally unconventional:

Before pic of The Blue Building Antiques spray paint fabric sofa for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest. From drab to fab!

A sofa!  Why not??!!

Have you ever tried to paint fabric?  It takes a while and many many coats of paint!  So I figured why not save some time and energy and give the ol’ Finish Max a whirl!!!

I have painted several fabric items in the past.  Not every project was a success.  There is definitely a learning curve involved with painting fabric.  I have used plain latex paint…don’t try that!  And I have use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…worked well but the paint is a little more expensive.  So this time, I tried my own home made version of chalkish-like paint.  And I am pleased to say that it went rather well!

I used a recipe that I found online several years ago using unsanded grout, water, and latex paint.  I don’t have an exact recipe, rather I approximate and it usually turns out fine.  I use about 1 cup of water mixed with 2 heaping teaspoons of unsanded group.  I mixed this in a small beverage blender until smooth.  Then I added about 3 cups of latex paint in whatever color I desired.  I blended this very well in the blender.  Then I strained the mixture right into my Finish Max paint container.  The mixture was more watery than regular paint.  All of the reviews I have read about painting fabric stress that you must keep the fabric moist and the paint watery.

First step, before I filled my paint container, I used my Finish Max to spray the sofa with water to dampen the fabric.  I simply filled the Finish Max paint container with water and liberally sprayed the entire sofa.  I made sure the entire sofa was wet and then I dumped out the water and filled the paint container with my home made paint.

I started on the back of the sofa to test the process.  I figured I needed to practice to I should start on the back.  Once coat was barely noticeable.

First coat of he Blue Building Antiques spray paint fabric sofa for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest

I feared my home made paint would not be suitable so rather than continue with the entire sofa, I let that part dry and then did a second coat.

Second coat of the Blue Building Antiques spray paint fabric asofa for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest

The second coat covered better and by the third coat I was more confident that the project would be a success so I completed the first coat on the remainder of the sofa.  I let that dry thoroughly and continued with a second and then a third coat.  By the end of the third coat, the sofa was covered nicely and I simply had to add more paint to several area to even out the coat.

Final product of the Blue Building Antiques spray paint fabric sofa for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest

 I was amazed at how well the paint covered the burgundy fabric!  The finish seems durable.  I did not sand between coats.  The final texture is not super soft fabric but rather a firm giving texture, if that makes sense.  A final coat of furniture wax made this baby ready for use!  This is a great technique for someone with a small budget who owns a sofa with great bones but a hideous fabric print!

Here are some close ups of the final product:

Close up of the Blue Building Antiques spray paint fabric-sofa for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest
Back panel of the Blue Building Antiques spray paint fabric sofa for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest
Close up of the Blue Building Antiques spray paint fabric sofa for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest
Final product of the Blue Building Antiques spray paint fabric sofa for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest

Thanks to this month’s hosts from The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest, Evey of Evey’s Creations and Lynn of Fern Avenue.  Check out their posts for the Spray it Pretty contest HERE and Here.  If you are super creative and would like to participate in future FFFC projects, get more info HERE.


And thank you again to Homeright for providing me with this wonderful time-saving tool!  I hope to be carrying these beauties soon at my store, The Blue Building Antiques and Consignment!

Bright turquoise at the Blue Building Antiques spray paint fabric sofa for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest




Welcome Fall! Quick Decorating Tips!

One thing that I truly miss about Pennsylvania is the FALL!  Here in Alabama, leaves don’t start changing color until November and then they fall way too fast and are gone!  So whenever I see my friendly bloggers posting fall photos and fall projects, I really get more excited about this season.  I don’t buy  my pumpkins until Halloween because it is still so hot in October that the buggers rot before we have a chance to enjoy them.  Consequently, I am slow to decorate.  Here at The Blue Building folks don’t buy very much seasonal merchandise so over the years we have stopped buying it.  However, I have to have small displays just for the sake of being festive for each season.  And on any given day,  I use the same quick decorating tips to throw together a quick display or two!  Today the display said Welcome Fall!


Usually my displays consist of grouping items that are for sale somewhere in the store.  I group certain colors together and always make sure to have some varying height in the display.  For Valentines Day, I group pinks and purples with beige and white in varying mediums like vases, porcelain, framed prints, jewelry and candlesticks.  For Fall, I do the same with brown, orange, green and beige.  So I started by walking around my store and selecting items that I thought would look great together!

One way to spruce up any display is to use foliage or greenery, either in vases or pots.  Sometimes I use fresh plants and sometimes it stick with artificial.  But in almost every display you will find some type of plant.


I also try to throw in an unexpected item, something that would not normally go with the other items.  For this Fall display, that crazy item is my old Ford pick up that I bought from Miss Mustardseed at The Chapel Market 2104.  This year, I added the horse trailer that I purchased from Coastal Charm Interiors again at The Market on Chapel Hill 2015.  I always try to add a little piece of the unexpected…anything to make the customers stop and linger and look a little more closely.



I couldn’t resist this old chalkboard that came in on consignment.  My daughter Carly went to work and added this little fall saying that just seemed perfect!  I grabbed small easel to make this the center point of our display.  the-blue-building-shopatblu-chalkboard

Next I added this little concrete pedestal.  It was too darling to ignore.  I pictured it holding some pumpkins but we didn’t have any at the time so I used the gourds instead.  I topped it off with this cheese dish cover that was missing its base…perfect for a wanna be cloche!


The tall basket with the tin insert was found in one of our vendor’s spaces.  The fruit branches came in on consignment.  In the spring I will switch them out for some hydrangeas if the basket is still here!


The little glass bottle was found in another dealer’s space at The Blue Building.  I grabbed the fillers from the weeds out front!  Haha…nothing is sacred!


Finally, I came across two little pumpkins mixed in a floral display.  They belonged in the pickup to complete the display!


And Voila!  Our fall display completed from items that were just sitting around the store!


Happy Fall Y’all!

I am so happy to be participating in Hometalk’s Home for Fall Blog Hop!  Check out some incredible Fall tips and projects on this great Blog Hop!


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