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Random re-purposed fun things!

Well, its been a good while since I’ve posted and I apologize.  Life has simply gotten in the way!  It has been a sweltering summer here in Alabama and consequently, we don’t paint in the extreme heat!  I learned the hard way not to spray paint black in the Alabama sun…can you say BUBBLING PAINT??  However, I have been needing a paint fix so I pulled out a few pieces and decided to go at it in the main entrance to The Blue Building!  I grabbed an Oops bucket of something similar to MMSMP Apron Strings and a can of Old Fashioned Milk Paint Patina…which just might be my all time favorite color!   Timing actually couldn’t be better since our college student shoppers are out in full force searching for affordable yet fashionable furnishings.  Yup…you can find it at The Blue Building!

Here are a few before and afters…and all items are for sale at The Blue Building, in Alabaster, AL.  Before:

And after:















Here’s a great little full headboard that I found at the thrift store.  The bottom had veneer chipped all the way across.  I used a scraper to remove the veneer figuring that, once it’s painted, the mattress will hide this section.  So even if it’s rough, it just won’t matter!  I think my favorite finish is distressing of light paint over dark wood.



And here are some other things that, well I haven’t worked on them, but they are just plain FUN!  They have either come in on consignment are are for sale in a Dealer’s space here at The Blue Building.  I have found that sometimes, just looking at these great little treasures can bring joy and peace to the soul.  So, from me to you…enjoy!

These gorgeous chairs are handcrafted from…yes…pallets!  Now I know that we are all just about over those rough wood pallet creations.  You haven’t seen this quality of construction from pallets…I guarantee it!  Brandon, one of my dealers, sands and refurbishes every piece of hardwood that he extracts (and if you have tried to disassemble a pallet then you know that the proper term is extract) from his pallets.  You could use these babies as a sliding board in your nylons and you would not get a pull let alone a splinter!  Smooth as a baby’s behind!  Aren’t they gorgeous???





Using Ladders to Decorate

Ladders are very popular for decorating.  Many folks are using ladders to decorate indoors as display for linens, photos, and collections.  How about using ladders to decorate in the garden???  Here is one we just set up at The Blue Building to display some succulents and outdoor decor:




One of my all time favorite uses for ladders in the garden is this one by Beth at Unskinny Boppy:


We also use ladders for display around The Blue Building for linens, quilts, handkerchiefs, etc.

Shop-at-blu-the-blue-building-outdoor-ladder-linens                     Shop-at-blu-the-blue-building-outdoor-ladder-quilt-display

And sometimes we just use them for a rustic display or to add height to a vignette:


I found some other phenomenal uses for ladders check them out:

Trough Creek Candle Company                                        My Desert Cottage

Remodelaholic                                                                         Wedding Party App

Itsy Bits and Pieces                                                                  Eclectic Interior Design

Have you found yourself using ladders to decorate in your home?


How to stain a kitchen table the easy way!

Let me preface this post by saying that I learned how to stain a kitchen table long ago!  I think maybe my Dad taught me how to use stain BEFORE he showed me how to paint.  Dad refinished pianos for a living back in the day.  So I am accustomed to stains and finishes.

What a surprise when I opened the little can of General Finishes Java Gel Stain.


It’s a gel!  What??!!  It’s not runny and it doesn’t spill, splash, or splatter during application!  I know the label says gel but even the gel strippers are sort of loose and can splash where you don’t want it to splash.  I had a brush ready since that’s what I usually use for stain.  But the can said to use a rag so I did.


Wipe on, wipe off.  That’s it…that simple…project done!  The instructions say you can sand between coats and apply additional coats for richer color but I am all about simple and quick.  After one even application, I had the rich color that I desired.  The application was not streaky.  The color was consistent.


I wore gloves because any type of stain can be messy and super difficult to get off of your skin.  This product requires mineral spirits for cleanup so the less you get on you, the easier the clean up.  I also used a soft cotton rag for application.  I just dipped the rag in the stain and wiped it on in the direction of the grain.  I used enough to get deeply into the grain.  I spread it evenly and then dipped some more stain onto the rag and continued the process until the first half of the table was covered.  Then I went back with the rag and wiped off any excess stain.

I turned the rag frequently and buffed gently as I proceeded.  Then I repeated the process for the other half of the table.  The gel stain spread evenly without blotching at all…a common problem with traditional stains.  Directions call for a 4-6 hours drying period and 24 hours in extreme cold.  Since the weather is calling for snow her (yup…in Alabama) tomorrow and we do not have heat throughout the entire building, I will wait to do a final buffing.

Why did I wait so long to try this product?  Who knows!  But, I am becoming a die hard fan of General Finishes.  Their milk paint is creamy, smooth and glorious.  The colors are rich and bold.  And this gel stain…yup…it’s the bomb!  Now onto the chairs and the leaf. Then the entire set goes onto the sales floor at The Blue Building!  I will post the finished picture on Facebook!


How to hang a picture evenly on the wall!

I know I have seen this technique on how to hang a picture evenly on the wall somewhere but I am just now getting around to giving it a try.  Aren’t those multiple hanging hooks on the back of large pictures annoying?

I can never get the nail into the wall in just the right place.  Consequently, my pictures are cock eyed, crooked, and falling off of the wall.  I have taken many pics on consignment at The Blue Building and inevitably a good number show up without picture wire or saw tooth hooks.  Many times I simply prop these pics around the store.  But this new technique will save lots of time, frustration, and multiple holes in the wall!

All you need is a hammer, a roll of painters tape (or masking tape), a pen, 2 nails, and a small level!

Here is the back of the picture.


Note the annoying dual hooks, one on each side of the picture.  I realize that heavier wall items like this beautifully ornately framed picture need to be securely placed on the wall for safety’s sake.  BUT…it is so difficult to get the nails into the wall at the exactly correct location to ensure that the picture is perfectly horizontal.  Way too much work!

Take the painter’s tape and place a piece from frame end to frame end covering the hooks in the process.  Cut off the excess at each end so that the tape is exactly the width of the frame.  Trace the outline of the hooks onto the tape.


Remove the tape carefully from the picture and place it in the desired location on the wall. Use a level to ensure the tape is horizontally level.  Tap the nails into the wall at the highest point in the tracing of your hooks.  Remove the tape from the wall.  The paper tape will come off without removing your nails.


Hang your picture.  It’s that simple!



This technique is effective for items of all shapes and sizes as demonstrated below.

101_0663 Shop-at-blu-the-blue-building-how-to-hang-a-picture-wall-art-hung-evenly


This little trick essentially takes the margin for error to 0%!  Give it a try!


Shop at blu free plank wall

How to make a plank wall for FREE!

I have been drooling over every plank wall that I have seen on Pinterest, Facebook, and especially on the phenomenal blogs that I follow.  I just never seem to have the time to pull out the tools and give it a go!  I really wanted to try a pallet wall.  There were 3 factors that fed my fire of procrastination…the thought of tearing pallets apart, the time it would take to put the project together, and the cost.  Well, stand back friends cause I have just completed a plank wall in the entry to The Blue Building and it did not involve messy pallet wood!  I was finished in less than 2 hours!  And best of all, IT WAS FREE!  Read on to see how to make a plank wall for FREE!

Here is the wall I wanted to plank:

shopat blu green wall

It is the first wall you see when you enter The Blue Building so as a rule, I like this wall to make a statement.  This green has served me well for almost 2 years!  I love the emerald so much that I have been hesitant to change it.  But we were long over due for a change!

My goal was a look that could serve as the backdrop for several different themes:  beachy, rustic, country french look.  Depending on accessories or furniture displayed near the wall, I figured I could change the style of the look. How would I achieve this?  With paint, of course!  Those of you who know me or have been to my store, The Blue Building, know that I will paint anything and fortunately, my dad taught me how to move a paint brush when I was only about 8!  Being Dad’s only child, I spent a lot of time with him in the basement watching and helping him with projects.

So, I grabbed 4 cans of paint, a small board to use for a guideline to keep my lines straight, two finishing nails and a hammer (or a pair of pliers which I used cause I couldn’t find the hammer…I am the queen of improv), a normal 2 inch paintbrush to use for dry brushing, a skinny artist’s brush ( just a normal skinny brush, not one belonging to a skinny artist, hee hee) to trace edges and define the planks, a step ladder to reach up high, a paint roller and tray, and I got straight to work.

shop at blu plank wall paint choices

I do have some experience in faux painting walls and furniture so let me say that this project might be a little difficult for a beginner or someone who is more particular about following steps directly.  This may be categorized as an “eyeball” project…adjusting strokes and colors as you go along to get the look you want.  Many of my projects start off with one specific look in mind and ultimately change mid course because I let the project guide me.  For this specific project, you could vary color and width of the planks as desired.

First step, I chose a pale grey paint and rolled one coat over the entire wall.  One coat is sufficient because the ultimate goal is a textured, dry brushed, multi-dimentional appearance of actual wooden planks.  To create more depth in the faux planks, you want to have several colors be very apparent.  Thus, you DO NOT want to apply a second or third coat.  Allow the under color to peek through.

 shop at blu plank wall base coat

Next I selected a paint that was lighter than the grey, in this case I used white.  I dry brushed horizontal strokes across the entire wall.  My brush of choice was 2 inch brush simple because that’s what was closest to the paint cans!  You could use a 4 inch brush for wider planks.  This is simply a personal preference.

At this point, I was not concerned with these horizontal strokes being perfectly horizontal, although that was my goal.  Realistically, unless you are a professional painter it is difficult to draw a perfectly horizontal line that is 10 feet long without a ruler or guide.  Again, plank wood is not precise so neither should be your lines.

Shop at blu plank wall cheap

 I repeated this process with a paint that was slightly darker than the original grey, in this case I used a pale blue.  And finally, I repeated the process a third with a dark grey to mimic a more weathered wood finish.  I went very light on the dark grey so I didn’t overdo it.  It is always easier to darken the look than lighten it.

Next I took a slat of wood that was laying around The Blue Building.  It measures 1/4 x 3 x 4.  I think I had purchased it years ago to make some signs.  I tapped one finishing nail into each end of the board.  Next, I lined the board against the wall and gently tapped the finishing nails through the board and into the wall.  NOTE:  only tap the nail into the wall enough to hold the board gently in place.  My nails went less than 1/4 inch into the wall. After this first application, I was able to easily pull the board off of the wall and reposition it.

shop at blu plant wall guideline

With a gentle tap of my hand on the wood slat, the nails went far enough into the drywall to hold the board in place while I traced the edges of the plank for an authentic look.  I was still able to remove the board with a slight tug and move on to the next position without much effort.  Every four or five repetitions, I would trace the vertical end of the slat as well.

shop at blu plank wall lines

I used the dark grey paint and the skinny artist brush to trace the length of the board onto the wall.  I loaded the brush quite well and dragged it along the edge of the slat until the paint was gone.  I loaded the brush a second time and repeated the process.  The goal was a dragged edge and weathered look to mimic the shadows of an actually wooden planked wall.  I rested my finger along the edge of slat while loosely holding the brush and dragged it the length of the board for a somewhat smooth and less bumpy line.

shop at blu plank lines

I started this edge defining process in the center of the wall and worked my way to the top, bottom, and edges.  To break up the monotony, once I had completed about a 6-8 plank section I would grab the normal brush and dry brush my “planks” in varying combinations my 4 color choices to achieve the look of a variety of individual planks.  In the picture below, you can see where the dark grey horizontal brush strokes lie outside of the “planked lines”.  I used the dry brush technique to correct this.  I used white, grey or blue to lighten the section of grey inside each plank so that each plank was consistent in color throughout that plank.  I used a varying combination on the plank above or below that plank so that no two neighboring planks had the same appearance.

shop at blu plank wall slats

So, plank #1 would be painted heavy on the white with grey and blue dry brush strokes.  The plank below it might be heavily painted blue with white and grey dry brush strokes.  The plank below this one might be painted grey with white and dark grey dry brush strokes.  The goal is to give the appearance of multiple wood sources.  No two similar planks should be next to each other.

My wall is 8 feet tall by 10 feet wide.  It took me 2-3 hours from start to finish, probably closer to 2 hours as I was talking to and assisting customers during the process.  This was the perfect size wall for this project.  And I literally used supplies that I had on hand so my cost for this project was $0, only time and brush strokes!  Share your pics if you decide to try this project…I would love to see them!

I think this wall will work perfectly for  a beach theme, a rustic look or a French country twist!  I will post updates to each look on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  Stay tuned!

shop at blu make a boxwood wreath

How to make a boxwood wreath CHEAP!

I get my crafty nature from my dad.  He was born into a HUGE Irish family in 1934 during the depression.  With 8 children in the family, John and Rose O’Brien had to be cost conscious.  Here is a picture of my dad with his older brother and sisters.  I love this pic! Doesn’t Uncle Jack look like a little devil?

Dad shop at blu

There is no doubt that today’s “recycle, reuse, re-purpose” lifestyle was born during the depression era.  It was definitely instilled in my dad and his siblings.  It is wonderful to see this revitalization in my children!

Growing up in my house, Dad did everything.  He was the plumber, roofer, electrician (this one was often scary but Wild Willy always got the job done), painter, mason and brick layer…you name it, he did it!  And what was incredible is that he did all of these project and repairs with supplies that were laying around the house.  Soup cans, aluminum foil, paperclips…everything could be used as a tool.

So it is no wonder that I am frugal (yes, cheap-to quote my children)!  With five children, it was important (and still is) to try to make due and save where we could.  I love the feeling of having created something that I saw online with items that I have laying around the house or items picked up at a steal from the local thrift store.

I am constantly drooling over my favorite blogs with all of their cutting edge accessories.  I WISH I could afford to grab $65 boxwood wreath on a whim…someday!  So on my regular trips through the thrift stores in the Birmingham area, I am always looking for DIY supplies for knock offs.

Here are the items I grabbed the other day from America’s Thrift Store in Alabaster.  Fortunately, this store is 2 blocks from The Blue Building so it is like having a treasure trove in my backyard.

Shop at blu boxwood wreath supplies

I purchased 2 bunches of dark greens for $.39 each, one pic frame still sporting its cardboard corners for $.49, and one grapevine wreath with some greens tucked loosely amid the grapevine for $1.50.  Can you visualize the project???  A boxwood wreath mounted on a wooden frame!  Total for supplies after tax…$3.12.

 I grabbed my trusty staple gun an ten minutes later I had this…

shop at blu boxwood wreath

I know it is hard to see in the pic below, but I simply stapled a group of branches to the wooden frame (see the staple in the center of the pic).

shop at blu boxwood wreath staple gun

To make the wreath fuller and to fill the holes where too much gold frame was showing, I simple lifted the branches that were already stapled to the frame, tucked a bunch beneath them, and stapled them into place.  I lifted branches out of the way and to the side so that I could wiggle my staple gun under already stapled branched.  After securing the branches with the staple gun, I simply moved the previously stapled branches back over top of the newly stapled branch.  This helped to hide the staples amidst the branches.  You can add as much greenery as you like.  I preferred to have some of the gold frame visible.  But, I think a wreath without any of the frame showing would be great as well!

These will look great scattered around my store The Blue Building…especially with spring on the way!

shop at blu make a boxwood wreath

antique red sofa shopatblu

How to overhaul a vintage sofa for FREE!

antique red sofa shopatblu

I’ve had this gorgeous vintage sofa in my store for probably 4 years now!  I was immediately smitten with the beautifully carved wood.  Even the gaudy gold didn’t turn me away since I have an uncontrollable love for things Italian-made like these items currently in my store, The Blue Building.

Italian chanda shopatblu Italian crystal chanda shopatblu tiered chanda shopatblu Wall sconce shopatbluVenetian mirror shopatblu

But I must admit that I have been super intimidated by the very thought of how to overhaul a vintage sofa.  I can do simple upholstery but every time I would inspect this piece, I would walk away shaking my head. Me?  Completely overhaul a vintage sofa?  Yeah right!

The fabric  was torn and outdated but I loved her immediately!  My first plan was to reupholster this beauty with my own crazy quilt fabric.  I have been saving these examples on Pinterest since her arrival!

crazy quilt sofa shopatblu crazy quilt settee shopatblu crazy quilt shopatblu chair crazy quilt shopatblu


It started out, as so many of my projects do, as THAT great piece that will be a show shopper!  I was saving it as my “special project”.  Needless to say, until yesterday my “special project” sat untouched in the same condition in which it some arrived 4 years ago!

Over those 4 years, she did have a few different looks but you must admit, that fabric really can’t go incognito into any vignette!  But I tried.

shopatblu antique red gold sofa vintage red sofa frame shopatblu


Finally the inspiration came at The Chapel Market this past October.  I wish I had a better picture but take a look at this beauty from Littleville Blue.

shopatblu sofa

Littleville Blue simply stripped the fabric off of this beautiful settee to nail this exquisite vintage look!  The cotton batting might be a little too primitive for most mainstream taste but it certainly makes a statement…and gave me some much needed inspiration.

Here she is…stripped and ready to go!

Shopatblu overhaul a vintage sofa

This was so much easier than I thought it would be.  I started by simply grabbing the trim from the top right edge of the sofa.  It was a little tough to tug on but once I got it started, it pulled off easily.  The fabric was even easier.  Since it was old, it pulled right off.  I had to work at pulling the stripped fabric from the very edges and needed to remove all of the upholstery tacks.  Many of the tacks came out as I yanked (technical term) off the fabric.  This, couple with the dust from the old fabric, was the most tedious and annoying part of the process.

shopatblu overhaul a vintage sofa details

She still needs a good vacuuming and perhaps some touch up paint around the edges but isn’t she beautiful???  I suppose I should have waited on this post until she was prissied up but…I just couldn’t wait!  I think I will still keep her with the intention of eventually completing the crazy quilt upholstery.  In the meantime, however, she will blend nicely into every corner of The Blue Building!

shopatblu before after overhaul a vintage sofa

ez twist shopatblu

How to Paint a Room in Less than an Hour!

I have never really minded the process of painting a room.  Yes, it is annoying to cut in the edges…it takes some time and a steady hand.  If it weren’t for the prep work of moving furniture, cleaning walls and baseboards, spackling and sanding blemishes and holes,  and vacuuming the floor, painting a room would be pure joy!  I don’t really mind rolling the walls but it drives me crazy to refill the paint tray over and over and over.  Well, HOMERIGHT has answered my prayers with their EZ Twist Paint Stick!  I can paint a room in less than an hour!

ez twist shopatblu

I must admit that I was a little intimidated by this simple gadget.  But the instructions were very simple and very accurate.

eztwist instructions shopatblu eztwist instructions shop at blu

It was already assembled (always a bonus) and super stupid simple to attach, load, and start using.  It did, however, take me a few tries to get the paint stick loaded.  The first time I pulled back on the stick to load the paint, I didn’t see any paint load.  It took several times before the paint started loading in the stick.  I assume this was the “vacuum” getting primed and ready for me.

Here is a picture of the first couple of strokes on the wall.  You will notice that it is a bit blotchy.  The roller has holes throughout that enables the paint to seep through.  It takes a few practice swipes for the roller to load completely.

ez twist shopatblu

Once the roller is full of paint the application is smooth and super fast.  I was able to quickly and beautifully roll an 8 x 10 square foot section in about 10 minutes.  You simple twist the handle to fill the roller.  No stopping is required until the paint stick is empty.  You can refill the stick in less than 2 minutes and be rolling again effortlessly.

I found that if you keep the roller moving as you twist the handle to refill the roller, the roller loads more evenly.  If you twist the handle to load the roller but have the roller resting against the wall, paint can accumulate in the corners and result in the excess paint dripping out of the roller ends.  The paint stick stores wonderfully during breaks.  I found that if I completely used all of the paint in the paint stick, turned the unit upside down to rest with the roller side down, and wrapped the roller/shield with a plastic bag,  the paint stick was still fresh and ready to go after a short break (I even wrapped it and left it overnight and was able to resume quickly in the morning).  Just be sure to wrap the plastic snugly around the roller…try to eliminate any air pockets to avoid drying of the roller.

After the room was finished, I disassembled the paint stick for cleaning.  Cleanup was easy with warm water and the kitchen sink.  It was a bit difficult to get water flowing through the long parts so I would recommend cleanup in the bathtub next…simply more room.

The next time I used the paint stick, it was a little more difficult to get the paint loaded.  I had to disassemble again and found some paint was dried from the last time.  So, make sure you remove ALL of the parts and clean the unit thoroughly.

I will say, however, that this great tool is only about $27 at Lowes…in my opinion…it is cost effective to go buy another if the pre-used stick is hard to load.  It is definitely work $27!

I love this product!   It saved me more time and aggravation over the Christmas holidays as we completely painted three bedrooms!  Hats off to HOMERIGHT!  I can paint a room in less than an hour!

shopatblu Laura and KariAnne

The Chapel Market 2014- Meet the Bloggers!

The Chapel Market was again a great success!

shopatblu chapel market logo

Hats off to Layla from The Lettered Cottage and the wonderful group of ladies affectionately known as The Pike Road Ladies for hosting such a phenomenal event.

While last year The Chapel Market was a great success, this year was even more exciting! There were double the number of vendors! There was delicious catered food!  There were incredible buys and the vendors absolutely outdid themselves with their displays!  There were milk paint and chalk paint presentations!  I could not get enough of the vintage finds and pretty little things!  Seriously, I think I walked through the market about 20 times just looking and soaking in the inspiration!

Here is the lovely Layla, on the left:

shopatblu Layla KariAnne Laura

Those other two beauties in the photo above were my companions for two days!  I had the pleasure of helping KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms and Laura from Finding Home with their booth.  Let me tell you that these girls are even MORE fabulous in person!

This is the Chapel before the excitement began:

shopatblu chapel

I arrived at Pike Road on Friday morning.  I had offered to help Marian, Miss Mustard Seed with her booth setup and lend her a table for check out.  First on my mind was a photo op with the one and only Miss Mustard Seed.  Last year, I was so caught up in the excitement of helping her all day that I realized (too late, on the ride home) that I had never gotten a picture with her!

So, first things first:

shopatblu Marian

Marian has got this market stuff down to a science.   She and her sweet assistant Kriste had done a preliminary layout in her studio back in Pennsylvania so all of us avid readers could get a preview of her space.  I helped unwrap ironstone, and if you know Marian–there was A TON of ironstone! Once everything was unwrapped, Marian simply fluttered around placing items in their perfect place.  Sadly, it only took about 2 hours for the entire booth to be unpacked and ready for shoppers!  I say sadly because my work was done…in 2 hours!!!  I enjoyed every second!

When you walked into The Chapel Market, the first booth you came to belonged to Thistlewood Farms and Finding Home.  I don’t know how it came to be, but there could be no better greeters than the vibrant and trendy combo of KariAnne and Laura.  The remainder of the day on Friday was spent helping these sweet blog friends set up their booth space.  We laughed and priced and laughed and staged and laughed and staged and priced and rolled t-shirts…which I got to model on Saturday!

shopatblu Laura and KariAnne

The Chapel Market started early Saturday with the quaint community joining in the fun.  How about these beauties:

shopatblu hot cocoa

I visited with Kara Fox of Little Golden Fox.  Kara is MMSCP retailer.  We met last year helping Marian with her sales. This year Kara had her own booth!

shopatblu Kara

I helped Lucy of Lucy’s Inspired for just a few minutes…I had to get my hands on some of that beautiful handmade jewelry!  She has the coolest industrial theme and she rocks it right into her jewelry.  So talented and creative.

Isn’t she gorgeous

?shopatblu Lucy

The Urban Farmgirl caravan traveled all the way from Illinois.  Her space was rocking ALL DAY!

You can see why!

shopatblu urban farmgirl 2 shopatblu urban farmgirl

There are always a few people you meet at these events who stand out.  One of those was sweet Linda of Coastal Charm.  We chatted about the business, about trade shows, about merchandise, furniture, etc.  It was a pleasure to run into Linda throughout the day and I know we will be hitting some more Alabama shows soon!

Isn’t she darlin’?

shopatblu Linda

And her booth…wowzer!

shopatblu coastal charm shopatblu coastal charm 3 shopatblu coastal charm 2

Southern Accents Architectural and their salvaged items never disappoint!

shopatblu saa 2 shopatblu saa 3 shopatblu saa

Littleville Blue is located in Cullman AL and Lordy!  Did Teresa and Rena put on a show!

shopatblu Littleville Blue 3 shopatblu Littleville Blue shopatblu littlevilleb2

Shaunna West of Perfectly Imperfect had an incredible booth set up with chalk paint and milk paint for sale.  It was fun to listen to Marian give one on one instructions to first time customers…if only they knew!  And Shaunna’s crew never fails to create the largest and most incredible displays.  Where do they find these mammoth displays.

shopatblu shaunna 2 shopatblu shaunna

All in all, it was a fun filled day of meeting folks and making connections, wandering through vintage heaven, sharing stories, and absorbing inspiration!  I am soooo excited to get back to Blu and Yellow and get to work!  But I am secretly wishing that The Chapel Market 2015 was just around the corner!

shopatblu AL gourds

Alabama Football Gourd Project! Roll Tide Roll!

Needless to say it is football season.  And in Alabama, this is a big deal!  SEC football is like a religion in Alabama!  Two weeks ago one of my dealers at The Blue Building brought in a box of gourds to sell.  I knew they would be perfect for a quick Alabama football decor item…after all, it’s fall!

shopatblu Alabama gourd project

Today I finally had a few minutes so I grabbed the spray paint and went at it!  I had two partial cans of red spray paint available so I used the first on several and then the second.  Both colors were bright and covered well.  30 minutes later, here is the finished product!  Quick, fun, easy and ROLL TIDE ROLL!  For sale at The Blue Building and also at The Yellow Building!  It’s time for some Alabama Football!

shopatblu Alabama gourds