How to build a pinecone tree

Find Some Pinecones

One of my dealers at The Blue Building Antiques and Consignment brought in a supply of gi-normous pinecones last winter.  My first thought was…let’s build a pinecone tree!  When spring came around, he was tired of them so he gave them all to me.  I have used them to decorate the store this fall.  Here is a post on how I used them in my store.

Check out the size of these babies:

The Blue Building Antiques Alabaster AL shopatblu Giant pinecones

I have been wanting to make a large pinecone tree since I first saw these pinecones.  So when a group of my blogger friends decided to create a pinecone blog hop, I thought…perfect opportunity!  

The Blue Building Antiques Alabaster AL Holiday Pinecone Projects Bloghop

The blog hop is now live!  At the end of this post that point, you will be able to view all of the pinecone projects from my wonderfully creative and talented blogger friends!

Find More Pinecones

I am fortunate to have access to several different varieties of pinecones in my own backyard.  I found three more different varieties of pinecones.  

The Blue Building Antiques Alabaster AL Four types of Pinecones for a pinecone tree

I decided to use the giant pinecones for the base and build up from the bottom of the tree decreasing the size of the pinecones used in the process.  I would use the smaller pinecones to fill in the holes…there are always holes.

The Blue Building Antiques Alabaster AL shopatblu pinecone tree layers

I used 26 gauge floral wire to secure the pinecones to a tomato cage.  I wrapped the wire around the cage from bottom to top since there were only 3 rings.  The additional wire gave me additional wire on which to anchor the pinecones.

The Blue Building Antiques Alabaster AL shopatblu floral wire and pinecones

Build a Pinecone Tree

Here are a few photos of the project as it progressed:


I wrapped the wire around the base of the pinecones and secured them to the cage from inside of the tomato cage.  This took some time and finagaling to get the pinecones secured. 

The Blue Building Antiques Alabaster AL shopatblu building a pinecone tree

Then I used the smaller pinecones to cover the wire along the length of the tree.

And here she is completed:

The Blue Building Antiques Alabaster AL shopatblu Giant pinecone tree from a tomato cage

She is 45 inches tall!  And she is heavy!  

The Blue Building Antiques Alabaster AL shopatblu pinecone tree

I am leaving this pinecone tree as is for now.  I think she’s a great decor item for fall and Thanksgiving and winter.  She will be grand decorated for Christmas as well.  However, since the temperature in Alabama today is almost 70, I am finding it difficult to even start decorating for Christmas.  So she will not don any Christmas finery until the temperature cools!


I do think she needs a sister to stand beside her at my front door!  So I’m off to collect more pinecones!  What have you created with pinecones?  I’d love to know!

Check out all of the wonderful Holiday Pinecone Projects from all of my sweet blogger friends who have linked up below!  And a special shout out to Delyla for hosting this blog hop!  Check out her project here.


9 thoughts on “How to build a pinecone tree

  1. Suzanne, I love this so much! It looks great as is but I bet it will be pretty all dolled up for Christmas. You could totally make and sell those trees and make a killing.

    I wish I had access to that many pinecones. My neighbor has a big tree so I’ll have to ask if she has any (I’m thinking that’s a yes).

    1. Thanks Toni! I lucked out by finding so many varieties! I never realized we has so many different kinds of pinecones in our yard!

  2. That tree looks so amazing!! What a great idea to use a tomato cage to make it! All those varieties of pinecones add such wonderful textures!!

  3. I’m so impressed by your beautiful pinecone tree! I love the varying shapes sizes and colors. It’s really special and I think you have inspired me to make one myself!!! Thanks for sharing the step by step so that I can try to pull it off. Fingers crossed 🙂

    1. Thanks Tonya! This was a fun challenge…kudos to you for heading this one up and giving us all a chance to share!

  4. This is AWESOME!!! I love how this turned out! You are so clever!! When pinecones come into season here in Aussie land I am sure going to try this!! Thank you so much for the inspiration!!

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