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Today, every furniture store, antique mall, and resale store sells paint!  Chalky paint, milk paint, mineral paint…there are so many kinds of paint!  And truth be told, we will soon carry a paint as well!

However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring your own paint?  What do you have left over from another project?  Or share some paint with a friend?

This workshop is for you!  You bring the paint, brushes, sandpaper.  We will show you how to use it!  Painting really is not that difficult!  Just like any other skill, you just need the right tools, techniques, and practice!

No need to buy a quart of $35 paint.  Go to Walmart and buy some chalk style paint!  They’ve got great colors at a great price!  Do you have leftover paint from a project?  Bring that!  We recommend latex satin.  It doesn’t matter what brand.  Bring some sandpaper and a paint brush.  We will even show you how to seal your piece when you are finished (demo).

Eventually we will carry brushes and paint and sandpaper and paint sprayers.  But in the meantime, just bring your own…it’s cheaper that way right?

Email us your name, phone number, preferred night of the week (seems Tues and Thurs might work).  Let us know what piece you are bringing to paint.  Let us know what kind of paint you have.  We might recommend paint for your specific piece and we can recommend what brushes you need.  Grab some sand paper, 60 or 100 grit usually works.

We will contact you and get you scheduled!

It’s that easy!

Email:, or message us on Facebook or DM us on Instagram!

Call us at 205-620-5777 with questions Tues thru Sat 9:30 AM thru 5:30 PM.

First Class is Tuesday Feb 13 at 6PM.  $40 cost for 2 hours.  Bring a drawer, a kitchen cabinet door, a side table, small bookshelf, etc.  Call to have your piece approved…limit on size and material.  Wood pieces paint up the best!